Friday, September 23, 2011

Baker's Babylon


In Breadland there are many different words for the same thing, which, in a growing international home baking community, can be quite frustrating at times.

A single fold, a simple fold, the two-fold, trifold, bookfold, N-fold, G-fold are all, in essence, very acceptable names for the same thing.

A highly respected baker from The Fresh Loaf names the procedure, rather than "classifying" the fold. He speaks about "giving the dough a half turn". You roll, you fold in three and end off with turning the dough to be ready for the next half turn.


Rather see it than read about it? Here you go; a video showing not only a half turn, but also explaining how to successfully lock your butter in the dough. There's a lot of different ways of doing this, this one works just fine in the BreadLab so far.

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  1. A croissant question: do croissants freeze well at any particular stage? I'll be happy to give some away to friends, but I'd like to be able to make a few extra ones last.