Sunday, September 18, 2011

Croissants; single fold

The BreadLab is trying to put together a comprehensive list of terms and techniques used in laminated doughs.

Baking terminology can be quite confusing at times. One formula calls for "a simple fold", another one for a "single fold" or "business letter fold" or a "two-fold". It can take you quite some time to figure out that it's all the same thing...

The number of layers in laminated dough and puff pastry is calculated with the equation:

= (f + 1)n

l represents the number of finished layers, f the number of folds, and n the number of times the dough has been folded.

So, for example, when you do 4 single folds, you end up with

l = (2 + 1)⁴

A "single fold" (in three) means 2 folds

l = (3)⁴

so that means that

l = 3 x 3 x 3 x 3

After 4 "single folds" you end up with 81 layers.

As for the number of folds for a specific pastry; it can range from anywhere between
27 layers (a croissant can be made with 3 single folds) up to 730 for pâte feuilletée fine.

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