Sunday, October 9, 2011

Parker House Rolls

An American classic in the European BreadLab. Just as the Boston Cream Pie, this roll originated in the Parker House Hotel in Boston Massachusetts back in the 1870ies. Small and dainty, probably all the style back then. A buttery crust, fluffy inside.

It was probably Miss Fannie Farmer who made it into the American classic it is today. She had to pay upfront to have her "Boston Cooking-School Cookbook" published, and triumphed instantly. The original publication is now online as part of The Historic American Cookbook project and makes great reading for bake crazy people.

The Parker House Rolls in this video are loosely based on the recipe in that great American classic that still goes strong today. The only twist; a few spoons of wholewheat and rye to give the roll more depth of flavor. It's one of the many great tips that Dan Lepard gives in his new book "Short & Sweet". It's quickly becoming The BreadLab's favorite pounds to drag around.

Don't be alarmed by the use of fresh yeast; the recipe works perfectly fine with instant yeast as well.

The video shows all easy steps
to bake your own Parker House Rolls at home.


  1. Great video Freerk. I love your creativity.

  2. Thanks Eric! I'm running into some technical bounderies here, but pretty soon my kitchen will turn into a tiny studio (including a green screen) with good lights and better angles. And I got my eye on a new camera. Gotta save some dough to get that one though ;-)


  3. Hi freerk,
    Really liked your video, and these lovely Parker House rolls you've was so nice to see your feature of this cookbook (I found a 1905 copy at a used bookstore back in 2005 (I remember that because it was neat to find this one at the grand age of 100!)).
    :^) from breadsong

  4. Great find! Must be worth a few bucks, be careful with it!