Friday, June 7, 2013

Bread for the slashing impaired

After asking the question "would the technique that I'm using on the pain cordon work on a baguette"  out loud on the net, the answer came back with the speed of light in the shape of this video.  5.14 minutes into the vid you can see how these Cuban bakers (in Florida) are using what looks like strips of leaf to let the dough rise on. Make sure to watch the rest of the video as well. It's worth the 7 minutes of your life, in case you are a dough head that is. Enjoy!



  1. Amazing. I wonder what they use - strips of corn leaves?

    1. my better half thinks it's stripsof palm leaf. I think it could be anything really, as long there is something that touches the dough

    2. Palmetto palm leaves soaked in water. Earlier in the video you can see the blackened strips after baking.