Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Date, Chocolate & Orange Entremet

For the first time in years my better half celebrated his birthday without me. While I guarded the fort, he has taken his mother on a trip to Spain, where she'd never been before. She saw Barcelona, was in awe with Alhambra, found out how hip Valencia actually is, saw Guru's baby, who just happened to be in Torre Viejo, and ended up in the Hilton in Sevilla.

I like Sevilla, the land of oranges. I was there with my partner long ago. We took this picture there, in the days before there was anything like digital photography. It later became the picture on our customised wedding-invitation stamps.

He took another picture when he passed the same spot again this time around. With one click, he made it, shared it, I got it and had to laugh. I love the 21st century.

Tonight they're coming home. And of course I had to make him a belated birthday cake. It's an entremet to be exact, not a cake. A base layer of sponge with dates, covered with home made marmalade, topped with a dark chocolate mousse, then a layer of orange mousse, and finishing with an orange jelly. And orange tuiles for decoration and crunch. I've tasted all the separate parts, and that was wonderful. I will have to wait until the travellers find their way home late tonight.

date chocolate & orange entremet

I made it straight from a recipe on the net. The recipe works like a jiffy. The only warning: use the smallest bowls in the house to mix your ingredients. Because of the many different layers, you end up mixing tiny amounts for this one cake. Next time I'm making it, I'll make it easy on myself, and make two in one go!

Thank you Silvia and Ivan from mushitza for sharing this great dessert. Enjoy!

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  1. Ria Koper-BlaauwJune 5, 2013 at 12:30 AM

    Beautiful. Have a wonderful belated birthday party with your sweetheart and his mother. I will have to try to make that deliciousness . After I make an entremet Joconde (Spelling?) It is from Alpineberry- Lemon mouse cake. You can google it like that. You know me , I can't get it in color here so you can just click.But it is worth it to google her.