Tuesday, July 30, 2013


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All the noble Baker's loaves
by definition
track back 
to their master's true ambition.

Droves of cooling breads
spread their 
unison tell tale song
of what went well and what went wrong;

"The world around us hurls and changes, but we sing!
Hail to our king, who arranges each and every day
the tweaks we need to live and rise.
Not a thing escapes his heart, his soul, his eyes;

A drop of water here,
a freeing slash, an ear.
There a firm yet gentle hand.
carefully planned and executed."

Deeply rooted in the here and now,
at days against all odds,
lots of Bakers weigh their knowledge,
play college with the world around.

Pound your dough, mix your rye
shape that greatest symbol of mankind.
And for your humble peace of mind
don't ask why we think it's but simple what you do.

Know your work is an anchor
in a world full of bankers and takers.
Make us share your loaves one after the other,
dear father, dear mother, dear friend and dear brother.

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